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Games are our passion. We feel responsible to share this with our community. That is why we regularly help sponsor, whether it is the Indie Arena Booth at Gamescom, or other projects.


Giving back to the community is important to us. That’s why we always strive to be actively involved in various social and community projects. Raising funds is great, but raising awareness is almost equally as important. We aspire to do both by organizing different charity events with our partners and thus support causes we believe in. HandyGames™ is also committed to the development and growth of our local and regional economy.

In addition to that, we are always trying to broaden the base for future game development through our sponsorships and support of events and schools. It is our aim to promote innovative game design and nurture young, talented game developers. Last but not least, we contribute to our local community by promoting education and cultural life and by backing organizations that share our goal.

About us

HandyGames is one of the leading independent developers and publishers of high-quality games for a wide variety of platforms for a worldwide audience.

Company History

This is the success story of HandyGames™, one of the leading international developers and publishers of high-quality games with employees from all over the world.

Talk in der Alm

„Talk in der Alm“ ist das neue Video- und Podcast-Format rund um Trends, Analysen und Zukunft der deutschen Games-Branche.

Press Kit

Get all the information and assets about HandyGames and our current games consolidated and pre-packaged in a single place for easy access .


Even though HandyGames™ as a company has grown to an international level, we are still Franconian and Bavarian at heart and feel a deeply rooted love for our home. This is why we are committed to local and regional economic development and growth. We take on an active role in the employers’ association bayme to help shape the economical and sociopolitical environment of our home state. Our commitment for the local and regional economic development is also frequently mentioned in many nationwide interviews and articles like on the Bavarian Makers blog.

We are also supporting the Bavarian government‘s MedienCampus Bayern and the local Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) as member of the examination board in an effort to improve the education and training opportunities for young professionals. Christopher Kassulke is also a member of the advisory committee Quo Vadis, one of the top three European gaming industry conventions.


When it comes to being successful, any company depends on their well-trained and capable employees that are able to bring the industry forward with their skills and innovative ideas. And game development is no exception. This is why HandyGames™ collaborated with our Scottish partner YoYo Games and provided an entire Game Lab at the Macromedia University for Media and Communication in Munich and the Mediadesign University MD.H in Düsseldorf with pro licenses of the development environment “GameMaker: Studio” in order to support future generations of game designers.
For the purpose of promoting innovative game design and supporting young and talented game developers, HandyGames™ was also a sponsor of the Indie Arena Booth at Gamescom, the Global Games Jam, the Berlin Mini Games Jam and Devmania events.


Talk in der Alm is our new video and podcast format focusing on trends, analysis and the future of the German games industry. Within a relaxed atmosphere, current exciting topics are discussed with exclusive studio guests and the audience is offered a glimpse behind the scenes of the German games industry. The talk is moderated by Christopher and Markus Kassulke, the founders and CEOs of HandyGames.

Our goal is to give something back to the German games industry and all gamers. Thanks to top-class guests and their vast experience, we hope to support the German game scene, enlighten and maybe even inspire here and there. It offers insights that are otherwise only found at selected industry events.
The format is available on Youtube, Facebook and as a podcast on iTunes.


HandyGames™ promotes education and cultural life in our local community. Through donations in the form of new computers for class rooms, HandyGames™ supports IT education at local schools. As an equal opportunity employer, we participate in the Girls’ Day campaign, which aims at introducing young girls to professions that have a lower female employee rate. We also believe in improving the educational opportunities for our youngest community members and have donated computers to the elementary school in Giebelstadt. In 2012, HandyGames™ also sponsored the ‘Pressefoto 2012 Unterfranken‘ photo competition whose goal it is to increase the public’s attention of photographic journalists‘ work and local events.


In 2014, we organized the first-ever HandyGames™ Charity Day, whose goal it is to raise awareness and help with the battle against cancer. In this sports event, our local handball heroes DJK Rimpar played against the Bundesliga side VFL Gummersbach. The athletes, entertainers and ultimately the good cause brought 2,100 people into the s.Oliver Arena in Würzburg. The event raised an impressive amount of more than € 50,000 in donations.

Seeing that the HandyGames™ Charity Day 2014 was such a huge success, we were happy to organize the event for a second time. This year, DJK Rimpar had to compete with the Bundesliga club FRISCHAUF! Göppingen in an exciting game that kept the 2,000 people in the s.Oliver Arena on the edge of their seats. The HandyGames™ Charity Day 2015 was even more successful than the event the year before: a total of € 51,048 were raised! Just as last year, the proceeds went directly to Hilfe im Kampf gegen Krebs e.V. (Battle against Cancer Association) and the youth section of DJK Rimpar Handball. You can see impressions of the HandyGames™ Charity Day 2015 and 2014 in the gallery.


One for all, all for one! HandyGames™ supported new and rising indie game developers with 12 000€! Game studios all over the world united in one big gathering, the Indie Arena Booth . With our help they were able to present their innovative and promising games on the Gamescom, the greatest game trade fair in the world! Hundreds of thousands recognized their hard and fantastic work. That is awesome!